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Sardines, in bro-speak.
If you are a Legit Bro you will hereby refer to them as 'dines.

Bro 1: Yo, I'm thinking 'dines.
Bro 2: Word! Let's get some.
Bro 1: You know I got 'em!
by Sam Balloon December 10, 2009
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dînê is directly translated to crazy in the kurmanç dialect of kurdish - however is used to mean idiot or fool.
kure dînê
by gul🌸 February 03, 2021
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Derived from Badreddine, an Arabic name, typically of a male who carries a kind heart, is easy on the eyes, is a friend to many, but can be often misunderstood
Girl: "He's really great, he must be a Dine!"
by greyysxn April 23, 2020
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