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Similar to 'ag, this word is a subtle way of calling a woman a lesbian without her realising what you are saying. It is a derirrative of 'ag and when used in conjunction with 'ag makes the word 'agbian.
That chick just ordered a chicken and vegetable pie.

She must be a 'bian?

Must be.
by Trav388 December 09, 2008
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short for the word lesbian...or a female who loves the poon-tang of another female. you may also use this term in reference to an individual in a large group of of female friends who claim they are all straight but really are not. bian sex toys can be the most fucked up things you've ever seen in your life.
Girl 1: Do you not want to hang out with us cause we're all bians?
Boy 1: Um, no...Wait what the hell is a bian?
Girl 1: A lesbo..
Girl 2: Hey! Where's our lead pipe toy?
by jizzleman April 01, 2005
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Short for lesbian. It's what lesbians usually use to refer themselves.
Girl: Y'know... Yesterday I told my parents I was a bian.
Friend: Wow, it's about time you did it!
by Jolly-Jumper July 26, 2012
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