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The slang term for the Houston Astros. A professional baseball team. 'Stros is commonly used amoung the youth of Houston
Lets go 'Stros. Lets go 'Stros.
by Randy Bunnell April 13, 2006
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Originated from Nefstro, the original stro. Stro refers to anything that involves a gangsta lifestyle and doing shitty things; although stro is subject to many different adaptations in its definition. It can also be added to the end of people's names to infer that they are a stro themselves.
Streaks shit his pants therefore we sometimes call him Streakstro. Yo Chief! Quit being a fucking stro!
Dude, toss me that stro.
by C mo April 17, 2007
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Any hi class rickshaw driver from central jersey who can shred on the monkey bars. A stro's enemies typically consist of malnourished cave dwelling kangaroos from Parsippany, New Jersey. When wild, a stro is usually a grass grazer but they've been known to kill their masters and survive off their thumb nails, when bread in captivity.
Ah shit, look at that stro with thumb nail blood all over his mouf.

Stro, watch out for dem kangaroos.
by padodoman April 19, 2009
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1. chill, cool, tight, wicked, sick,nice, great, fresh, etc.
2. to be easy going
3. its ok
- She's so stros.
- That's stros.
- Mike: Hey did you see the game last night?
Eddie: Yeah, it was so stros.
- Sarruh: How was Chris's party?
Stacy: It was pretty stros.
by Denisse. November 26, 2007
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1. Usually overweight, a common friend of the average jew. As time goes on the friendship widens to penis to butt relations. The stro is usually the man in these relations and is possibly the only breathing or non-breathing source to get a penny out of the jew.

2. A fake Austrailian from Pittsburgh.
1. a. When I went to that jewish kid's bar mitzvah, I walked in on him and his Stro in the restroom. I proceeded to throw up for a good hour and then hung myself.

b. Stro owed the local bookies a shit load of money so he seduced my friend with his fake Australlian accent to whore him out of all his money. Not only did his plan work but the Stro now owns a new corvet.

2. Did you know that our new neighbors aren't actually Austrailian, they're really from Pittsburgh. I can see myself with their blood all over myself in the near future because those damned Stros lied to me.
by Sam Rankis July 20, 2006
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