A Term used in World of Warcraft by players with slow computers. This happens when your character is riding on a zepplin or boat, and by the time your computer has finished loading, the zepplin/boat has already left to return to where it started due to massive lag.
Player 1: Where are u i thought u said u were on the zepp???

P 2: I was but then i pulled a 'round trip, im back in Orgrimmar now.

P 1: Dammit
by Annastus June 7, 2009
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when u moving product (legal or illegal) so fast it doesn't even stay in your possession more than 12 to 24 hours, even less.
We used to move dope slow & on the slick , but nowadays we call them bricks round trips
by GO DJ HaKa April 15, 2011
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To vomit,puke during or after a meal
1."after earl saw the pictures of his woman in a compromising position around trip meal ticket ensued"2.look there's another round trip meal ticket 3.who did this round trip meal ticket and didn't clean it up?4.1st there were the drinks, then the wine, then the lasagna,then came the round trip meal ticket
by mikel t August 24, 2006
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