when you make such good memories that when you will look back at them it puts you in the best mood possible. it means chillin with friends that you genuinely love and want to live your life to the fullest with.
ayo remember the kickback we went to that one time?”
“oh yeah, shit was vibes on vibes”
by tene123 September 22, 2019
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To chill , be at peace, & let life do it's thing.
by DeeBun August 18, 2017
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When one is lit af, but instead of choosing to be super hype they just relax and vibe off the energy.
Kobe was going crazy at that party, but Eric was just vibing.
by Eric anonymous November 4, 2016
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(Noun) a sense or feeling about a person, place or thing

(verb) to agree with, like, or get along with
I'm not getting good vibes from this cake.

Yo, she and I are totally vibing.
by davibez December 22, 2014
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A mood common among middle class teenagers, vibing is when you kick back, listen to some tunes (mainly slower rap and alt, but vaporwave, lo-fi, and others are becoming popular) and just relax. Some people vibe while stoned, some don't.
"Jesus, it's been 3 fucking hours, what the fuck is jessica doing?"
"Man, she's stoned af and vibing to some music. Let her be"
by Inconvenient MR2 February 6, 2020
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Is a natural phenomenon that can occur when a person is in a state of mental calmness with music playing in a nice quiet area with low level of light

the person typically see in laying around in one section of room listen to soft gently calming music or just a mellow tone sound

Vibing in this form is a way of expressing energy without being hyper or over exaggerating and the person typically just lets out all the energy in a calm manner
oh dude you seen gregg? ye hes just vibing to Dean Martian just let him vibe
by Pice of shit April 7, 2020
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