You need to ctfd. Like seriously, capture the flag, dawg.
by briskae August 17, 2011
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...Dude hurry up, we're going to be late.

Bro, #ctfd


...That celebrity made an offensive comment. I'm Outraged! We've got to go protest this, right now!

...Seriously, #ctfd
by radcenter November 27, 2017
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(Calm The Fuck Down Snack) is a type of snack that you MUST have no matter what whenever you're feeling unnerved or enraged. It's important to have whatever snack it is that you KNOW FOR A FACT calms you down.
Guy 1: This game is pissing me off!
Guy 2: Here. Try this CTFDS.
Guy 1: What's that?
Guy 2: It's a type of snack that calms people down.
Guy 1: Sounds great. Might try one.
by MastermindOfTrouble June 15, 2021
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ctfd or C.T.F.D. is an acronym for "Calm the fuck down."
Amanda: "Hahahahahahahaha that's so funny!! I'm lmao!!! You're so hilarious!!! Lololol! Like seriously I can't stop laughing!"
Karl: "ctfd"
by Sallyomalley September 26, 2017
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