Variously defined by those concerned about those ignoring the Constitution and installing Nazis in the White House as:

Morons Are Governing America

My ass got ate (endorsed by Dan Savage)

Micropenis Anxiety Group of America

Millionaire Asshole Golfing Again (endorsed by Dan Savage)
The #MAGA followers and white supremacists are destroying Amercia.
by eroticawriter August 27, 2017
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New acronym for MAGA
Mask Against Genocide America
If we #MAGA, #MaskAgainstGenocideAmerica
We will Make American Great Again
by Yuri Shatski December 12, 2020
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So uhh, #MAGA was a dumb thing that trump used to get people to vote for him (So sad it didn't work in 2020 xD!). So basically, Trump is a MAGA thot, and everyone ":)" his memes.
Trump supporter: VOTE FOR TRUMP!! #MAGA
Me: Now listen here you little shit...
Trump supporter: WHAT KID?
Me: Your a MAGA thot.
Trump supporter: BRO BITCH WTF.
by Kofiye November 19, 2020
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Trump proclaims MAGA! Meanwhile he's thinking...Love my acquiescent goon army!
by interweb2020 September 24, 2020
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Trump's 2016 presidential election slogan definition:
"Make America Great Again".

The real story:
Moronic Asswipe "Governs" America
Malignant Administration Grows Addled
Madman Advances Gutter Agenda:
Maliciousness Actually Guarantees Absurdity
Miracle Anyone Gets Ahead
Married Abuser Gropes Ass
Multiple Assaulted Girls Agree
Monstrously Aromatic Gaping Asshole
Melania Anticipates Getting Away
Melania Attains Gigantic Alimony
Mortified Adulterer Gets Angry
Most Arrogant Gasbag Anywhere
Megalomaniac's Afraid Guilt's Apparent
Maturity Absent, Guile Ascendant
Mediocrity's Aberrant Glorified Anger
Mighty Aggressive Government Action
Massive Army Grows Active
Million Automatic Guns Ablaze
Mueller Ain't Goin' Away
Most Adults Growing Alarmed
My America Groans Again
Morbid Anger Guilty Attitude

more to come?
If you think "MAGA" means only one thing, read these, think again, add to list!
by Barry DeHatchet April 23, 2018
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