Variously defined by those concerned about those ignoring the Constitution and installing Nazis in the White House as:

Morons Are Governing America

My ass got ate (endorsed by Dan Savage)

Micropenis Anxiety Group of America

Millionaire Asshole Golfing Again (endorsed by Dan Savage)
The #MAGA followers and white supremacists are destroying Amercia.
by eroticawriter August 27, 2017
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New acronym for MAGA
Mask Against Genocide America
If we #MAGA, #MaskAgainstGenocideAmerica
We will Make American Great Again
by Yuri Shatski December 12, 2020
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So uhh, #MAGA was a dumb thing that trump used to get people to vote for him (So sad it didn't work in 2020 xD!). So basically, Trump is a MAGA thot, and everyone ":)" his memes.
Trump supporter: VOTE FOR TRUMP!! #MAGA
Me: Now listen here you little shit...
Trump supporter: WHAT KID?
Me: Your a MAGA thot.
Trump supporter: BRO BITCH WTF.
by Kofiye November 19, 2020
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Man, I don't know what's going on with Trump's administration but MAGA.
by Ma'in September 15, 2018
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The top 4 tech firms that are taking over the world. Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple
Who will stop Maga
by LiberateTheWorld May 15, 2018
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