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"Glenny" is a term of revenge targeted at phone sales, technical assistants, billing departments, surveys, etc where you hear a disclaimer similar to "this call may be recorded for quality purposes" ~ Since these calls are actually listened to by internal company researchers or managers it is a golden opportunity to vent on how bad the company that is recording the conversation really is. It is also a great time to tell the poor customer service rep on the other side who they should go to work for to be treated better...
Sprint wouldn't refund the overcharge on my bill. The Customer Service Rep did not have the empowerment to issue a refund. After explaining to the operator that my next comments were not directed at her I proceeded to pull a "glenny" and yell "*#@$*$@#@!!" and your company "F...$@#@%^**@#!" ~ Two weeks later I received the refund in the mail. Thus the true power of "Glenny"
by Marshall Nelson August 24, 2007
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