Used to indicate sarcasm within a sentence.

Amount of 1's or exclamation points in sentence is not defined or restricted to a specified amount. Idea of it is to use 1's to imitate a ''!'' - typically a spelling mistake when making a exclamation mark on a keyboard as some forget to click the Shift key when pressing 1 to make a ''!''.
Sarcastic Cunt: ''omg ur so cul!!!!11!!1!!''
Annoyed Cunt: ''shut up.''
by yaboyskinny May 3, 2017
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How myspacers put emphasis on certain things. If you ask me its annoying, not cool or cute.
Supposed to be a "mistake" while making exclamation marks where the shift button is "accidentally" depressed while pushing 1.
OMG L00K AT THiiS!!11!1
by my name is bs December 11, 2007
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A sign used to show you are under the age of ten, probably play Minecraft, and don't know how to use the keyboard. This is usually used accidentally, by a random little kid whom is raging because he lost his arrows and his diamond sword.
Don't say Jesus!!!!1!!11!1!!! This is a Christian server!
by March 14, 2018
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What dumb 10 year olds say when they beat someone in fortnite.
by Gifflebunk July 1, 2020
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you must be screaming very loudly
chill dude
1: RUN ITS A FCKING VOLCANO!1!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!11!1!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!!111111!11111!!!!!!!!11!!!1!
2: i aint seein nothing
by 7 3 March 5, 2021
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To be totally gangsta.

Derived from the NWA song of the same title.
Shiiit son, NWA is Straight outta compton!11!1@1
by WHOAAA HAHAHA July 23, 2006
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