Often girls from the oxgangs area of Edinburgh, More than slags. often called Jo. They wont need anything for lubricant she is that slack
Boy : bite down love i'm going in dry
Jo : No need to bite down just throw it in.
Boy : oh...do you have a wedge....its too slack u SKET
by tickler90 January 16, 2013
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term for a woman or young lady who sleeps around, the term usually used in London and said a lot in Kidulthood...
Joe: did you hear 'bout Tanieka?
Ryan: yeh man fuck her, fuck dat bitch she a sket man!
by lilcuteflower August 07, 2007
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The british colloqiual term for whore or a promiscious female
Yo bruv, I wanna move to Kate ... What you think?

Fuck her man, she's a sket
by Flippz Santana August 29, 2012
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Someone who will date you for money and then leave you for 500 boys then come to you again, just for the money.
Loooool I knew maaya gill was a sket since day 1 but you lot still fell for it. SIKE!!!
by Someone in UCGS November 04, 2017
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a sket is someone that lets you lick there bumhole basically a hoe,bitch and lets everyone touch em all around
girl:wanna touch me up,I don't charge any money?

boy:only if you let me like your bumhole(girl's a sket touch her for 50p nicely done!)
by 1337 KIDD July 10, 2008
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Someone who sleeps around and is just a general whore. Always bitchy to every one and mostly mean. You could also compare it with a slag.
she slept with john aswell, complete sket
by abbeyatyouathello February 07, 2011
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