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Haley's are amazing awesome nice and animal lovers they are so BEAUTIFUL and they will be on your shoulder at any time they are very trustful if they like you as a friend or not a friend but if your fake to them they will tell and you won't even know it was them because they are just so secretive. Haley's are very dramatic but in a good way that it is funny. But they do not take shit from anyone at all call them the wrong thing they WILL HOLD A GRUDGE. Also they hold a grudge until .... Never
person 1~Hey I think Haley is so beautiful
Person 2~ she holds a grudge tho
Person 1~i don't care
by ~lightskingirl~ February 24, 2019
A boy from tik tok that girls obsess over some people even say they think the are bi now
girl 1Caleb finn is Soo cute

Girl 2 if u say so
by ~lightskingirl~ July 23, 2019