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An ignorant name used by some jealous bastard when that someone see's a trombonist with their trombone, because they think it is funny. usually used by football players, cheerleaders, potheads and people that have no life.
~walk, walk, walk~

footballer- "hey tromboner!" "hahaha"
trombonist- ~mumble~ "douchefuck"
by ~blah, blah, blah~ December 19, 2009
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another misunderstood word in the english vocabulary tht some fucksticks think they can ruin. first off emo in a word short for emotional not im a sad lil' rich kid who thinks his/her life suks cuz they got a porche instead of a mercedes.and bisexuality has been taken over by stupid fucking bitchass str8dykes who think it would be kewl to kiss each other and not consider other peoples feelings at all. a bisexual like myself actually have feelings for people of the same sex and they might actuall have a chance with spending the rest of their lives with that person of the same sex and opposite sex. and bisexual does not mean you are polyamorous you do not date both a guy and a girl at the same time unless you are both bi and polyamorous. yet some ignorant pricks like to think as both of them as the same so being a bisexual emo means that you have and unstable emotional balance and you happen to be bisexual as well...AND EMO PEOPLE DO NOT CUT THEMSELVES CUTTERS CUT THEMSELVES! ONLY A PARTIAL AMOUNT OF EMO PEOPLE ARE ALSO CUTTERS!!!!!!
oh Kaitlynn my dad wont let me come out tonight because ive been out every night this week making out with u because guys were around...im gonna go cut myself

i kno wat u mean my mom saw me make out wit u infront of my bf and got mad so i stabbed myself in the foot

THESE ARE NOT EMO BISEXUALS!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
by ~blah, blah, blah~ December 19, 2009
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