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A very famous singer in Japan. Most famous in America for "Simple and Clean" the 'theme song' for Kingdom Hearts(ps2).
Utada Hikaru is one of my favorite singers.
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006

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The main character of Fruits Basket, a wonderful anime/manga. She is very polite, but, sadly, has no parents and has to live with the Sohma family. (Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma)
Tohru Honda is my fave Fruits Basket character.

I hope Tohru and Yuki end up together.

Sucks to be you, Tohru and Kyo end up together.
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006

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An idiot who has an unhealthy obsession with Harajuku girls. She was better off with No Doubt.
It's okay to be an 'otaku', but Gwen Stefani really needs to just stop.
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006

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A stereotype is someone who judges someone by how they look, their race, how they dress, thier 'label', etc.
All preps are bitches.
All goths are anti-social.
All black people are gangsters.
All asians are good at math.
Stereotypes are idiots because they judge people by stupid things like skin color.
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006

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There's two different meanings to this word. The English one and the Japanese one. Who knows how otaku got translated to huge anime/manga fan. I do have a shirt that says Otaku...

English: Huge anime/manga fan. (Me)
Japanese: Insult. Someone who perfers staying inside all day. (Still me)
English: I am an otaku.

Japanese: ...I'm somewhat of an otaku. Yes, I need a life. Though I will do something with my life once I'm old enough to get my own house.
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006

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The Japanese word for "cute".
"Stacey, your dress is so kawaii!"
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006

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Santa is a jolly old man with a long white beard. He dresses in all red. He likes to break into your house on the 25th of December. You might want to watch out for him.
Oh my god, Santa is here!
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006

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