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A brand of electronic cigarettes
Cigz electronic cigarettes as seen at www.Vcigz.com
by ZombieSkin March 19, 2013

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"Mom-I'd-Like-to-Fuck" rock-and-roll/rock.
"Is Bon Jovi still making albums? Fucking milf rock bullshit."
by zombieskin December 30, 2011

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Getting a hard-on too soon after cumming, and requiring you to punch your dick until it gets soft again, to avoid priapism.
"Shit man, I jerked off twice today, and my dick just got hard again. That re-boner shit ain't good for you, so I did a little preemptive strike with some fridge door slams. Problem solved."

"Uh. Word."
by zombieskin October 13, 2011

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