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Facebooking- verb; wasting your life away by indulging in the world's largest, most counter productive, mind numbing, and distracting social media platform.

Etymology of Facebook-False Acceptance/Creates Entertainment By Obliterating One's Knowledge.
Brad won't stop facebooking, this is what caused his divorce, and the fact that he does not remember that he has kids or that he has his own house, but he now has 3,000 "friends" which really means he's lost and alone. God help all who are facebooking, they need rehab.
by zeus4391 August 23, 2011
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Verb: Used to describe a patriotic retaliatory act of justice in the name of freedom that resembles the Revolutionary War, more specifically thwarting a motherfucker for the sake of free speech or the right to bear arms.
"The UN said they were going to try to confiscate our weapons, it seems as though they're looking to get 1776'd..."
"They censored my YouTube channel, are these assholes trying to get 1776'd?"
by zeus4391 September 18, 2019
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A prostitute that is paid purely for conversational therapy.
The officer alleges that the suspect was indulging in prostitution, but the suspect paid her as a talkstitute. Instead of performing sexual favors, she acted as an unlicensed therapist.
by zeus4391 July 26, 2018
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