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To cancel something because of weather, even if the weather conditions aren't that severe.

Expression originated in a school district just outside Albany, NY called Ichabod Crane Central School District ,which would cancel school for snow, even if there were two flurries, or better yet, even if there was no snow.

Everybody in the Albany area wished they went to Ichabod Crane in the winter.
Well, even though it didn't rain, they went ahead and Ichabod Craned the picnic.

Well, there's a 20% chance of snow, so I guess we'll have to Ichabod Crane the road trip.
by Zadok the beast April 11, 2009
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Wearing clothes too small, being too heavy for your clothes
Man...look at that 300 pound woman is size 5 jeans. She looks like sixty pounds of shit in a fifty pound bag.

Dammit, I'm getting too fat for my clothes. i feel like sixty pounds of shit in a forty pound bag
by Zadok the beast February 27, 2009
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A description of a woman of masculine demeanor (often a lesbian) with cropped, shorn or spikey hair
My girlfriend's roommate is a spikey dykey girl who scowls every time I show up

The professor of the Women's Studies class was a spikey dykey woman who glowered at all the men in the class
by zadok the beast February 27, 2009
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Someone kind of dull, dim, unimpressive, slightly south of mediocre
You know, Joe is kind of a thirty watt bulb, barely got into community college, flunked out after 1 semester as a part time student, now barely keeps his job at the 7 Eleven.

Girl: Uh..... I'm way out of your league. Me: Yale grad, doctor. You: thirty watt bulb.
by zadok the beast April 10, 2009
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