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if you live in jersey its just the shore, its only called by the jersey shore by out-of-staters that want to talk trash about it. (and i personally say they should go back to their "beaches")

the shore's the best place to party at, whether its spring break, memorial day weekend, or all summer. known for the bext parties around, craziest guys and girls go down there to party it up.

tan by day, party by night. the nights are spent drinking, playing beer pong, flip cup, keg stands, and smoking up. the morning are spent sobering up & laying on the beach waiting for the next day.

our shore may be dirty sometimes, but thats ok cause were too cool for your rich clean "beaches"
(jersey girl) "yo im going down the shore to get with some hotties"
(girl from another state) "ew the jersey shore? thats disgusting"
(jersey girl) "if it was clean id feel bad throwing beer bottles everywhere"
by yourjealousy May 30, 2006
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referring to the legal limit of alcohol allowed in your body before being legally intoxicated and unable to drive. Most U.S. states this means .08%.
to put it into perspective, this means roughly 3 shots of 35% alcohol in one hour for a person weighing 120 LBS.
Sarah was pulled over by a cop on the parkway and after giving her a breathalyzer test he found she was guilty of driving under the influence and double the legal limit.
by yourjealousy February 3, 2007
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when you go to the shore, mainly said if you live in northern jersey. if you actually live dts, then you just say "im going to the shore", because your already down there.
(it is not called the beach)
girl: "lets go party it up down the shore!"
by yourjealousy July 14, 2006
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