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when you click on a seemingly normal link and it ends up being a Soulja Boy video. Derived from the more common rick rolled.
-hmm lemme see where this link takes me...
She got a DONK she got a DONK
-dammit I got Soulja rolled!
by younglad July 27, 2010

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sort out - Jamaican slang,verb, meaning to satisfy sexually; may be extended to mean to have sex with. As a noun, it refers to a sexual act.

- to introduce order to a situation or resolve a problem.
<first usage> Baby yuh look like yuh waan smaddy sort yuh out. / yuh look like yuh want a sort out.

<second usage> yute yuh need fi sort out di ting enuh. A 3 week mi gi yuh di game an all now yuh no fix i.
by younglad January 12, 2010

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A Jamaican slang word, meaning to set in order, to turn away from mix-up and drama.
Keisha, how come mi a hear yuh name inna all sort a mix-up an blenda. Yuh need fi dechakalise yuh life.
by younglad January 12, 2010

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