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senior year is very overated, you wait 3 years of high school to rule the school relax and take easy classes and enjoy the experience only to realize that you still have to apply to colleges maintain decent enough grades and still wake up 5 days a week at 6 am. Sure there is more freedom you can drive to school get jobs and take part time attendance but these perks are overshadowed by a seemingly growing obnoxious student body lazy and ambivalent teachers and losing sports teams. caused by coaches bringing their freshman sons up to play varsity and cutting seniors in a failed attempt to build for the future. Senior year means that you can date anyone from a lower grade but why would you want to? most are slutty, (std ridden) annoying or just flat prude. While the pretty girls in your grade date the stoners who attend the local community college

In conclusion as a freshman, senior year seems awesome but when you actually finally get there its a disapointment

Prom and senior trips don't make up for a year of nonsense. The schools way of trying to pay you back for a year you don't need
guy1:senior year sucks, how long till graduation?

guy2: 6 months

guy1: 6 months is an eternity in this place.
by yosaidthat December 1, 2011
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