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1. A regular at a coffee house.
2. A person who loiters outside of a coffee house and rarely buys anything.
3. A friend of a coffee house employee who frequents the establishment for free drinks and pastries.
4. Garbage that is left on the tables, chairs, and the ground of a coffee house patio.
You can find her at Coffee Cartel every night with the rest of the patio trash.
by yon sved December 03, 2003

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LSD or Mescaline in the form of a pill that is usually less than an eighth-inch in diameter.
LSD can come in liquid, gel, paper, or microdot form.
by yon sved November 26, 2003

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1. A style of punk rock music that typically appeals to jocks and extreme sports enthusiasts.

2. A person who listens to bro punk. A jock or extreme sports enthusiast who listens to punk rock.

3. A punk rocker from the OC(Orange County, California).
The most recognized bands that fall into the bro punk sub-genre are Pennywise, Bad Religion, and The Offspring.
by yon sved August 05, 2005

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