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tatooine is a fictional deserted desert planet in the outer rim territories of the star-wars galaxy, and is the home planet of "anakin skywalker". it is a home of gambling and pod races. it is available in the map of the galaxy in the book "star wars: the ultimate visual guide".

some star wars fiction has tatooine blown up by vader, as he hates the planet because of the sorrow it has caused him.

darth maul: tatooine is sparsely populated, if the coardinets are right we shall find them quickly master.

darth sidious: the jedi will be no match to you.
by yo yo to the ho ho June 08, 2009

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a series of books about the world of demons by author darren shan.
The Demonata

Dude, let's read the demonata
by yo yo to the ho ho May 15, 2009

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character in the demonata book series by darren shan, nephew of Dervish Grady and half-brother of Billy Spleen
Grubbs Grady

" call me grubbs, i hate grubitsh!"
by yo yo to the ho ho May 15, 2009

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1. a song made by john williams first used for the star wars phantom menace soundtrack

2. the fight between obi-wan kenobi, qui-gon jinn, and darth maul in star wars episode 1 the phantom menace

3. the fight between obi-wan kenobi and anakin skywalker in star wars episode 3 revenge of the sith
1. hey dude what are you listening to? duel of the fates.

2. and darth maul started the duel of the fates

3. the tragic duel of the fates between obi-wan and anakin
by yo yo to the ho ho June 08, 2009

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the fictional serial killer of the 1981 canadian film "my bloody valentine", and the 2009 american remake
"harry warden"

it was harry warden damnit! not me!
by yo yo to the ho ho May 29, 2009

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a character in friday the 13th part 4, and his buddy ted calls him " a dead fuck", and it's really funny, and after getting laid, jimbo asks the girl if he was " a dead fuck". lol
"jimbo "the dead fuck""

Ted- a lousy lay, you know? a dead fuck.

Jimbo- oh i see, don't hold it back from me doc, i can take it, give it to me straight.

Ted- i did not say it. the computer did.

Jimbo- well there is no computer!

Ted- aha, well there's no Betty either!
by yo yo to the ho ho May 11, 2009

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the Jedi holy place, where they studied and lived. the jedi temple is on the planet corasaunt, and almost fully destroyed by the empire.
"the jedi temple"

the jedi were purged in their jedi temple
by yo yo to the ho ho June 08, 2009

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