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Just a straight guy who likes to look good and take care of his body. People won't think the ubersexual is gay if they see him or meet him (as opposed to hearing about things he does). They're also not effeminate pussies likes metrosexuals. Some also do "gay" stuff like see plays and operas, but that just means they like that stuff.

**Not that any of this stuff means a guy isn't gay anyway. If he has "the voice" or owns a poodle or a shih tzu or whatever that little gay dog is, I'd say he's gay.**
Straight Guy: Man, you coordinate your outfits and got a haircut at a chick place? You're so gay!

Ubersexual: Nah, dude, I just like to look good. I'm still straight and like to do normal guy stuff. I'm ubersexual.

SG: Oh! You're right! That stuff doesn't mean you're gay at all!

U: Duh.
by yeyyay August 22, 2006
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