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Gramatically correct English. Plain, to the point, free of euphamisms, jargon, slang, inuendo, etc.

Everyone wants to speak the queen's english, it's just that some people can't.

There are some who deride the Queen's English as too exacting, too demanding, and accuse it of being a tool to discredit those who may have a valid point, but lack formal education, and are inarticulate, and use slang and incorrect grammar. The answer, of course, would be to give everyone a formal education, not to reject the proper pronounciation of words.

Dude, you have an education, you can pronounce "ignorant" correctly, so do it. It's downright insulting for a middle-class intellectual like yourself to go around mimicking the voice patterns of urban blacks on principle. It doesn't matter what color you or they are, it matters that you're the one with the college education and they're the ones who can hardly put food on their tables.
I say "ignant," not "ignorant." "Ignorant" is in the Queen's Englisn, and the Queen's English is a tool of the Man to keep us down! I didn't get no education, and I don't want to be posh or nuffin!
by yeserdaysnew June 17, 2010
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