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Sympathy that is actually deserved because most wealthy homes are cesspools of abuse and alcoholism. But because the world believes when your rich you have everything, rich kids often don't obtain the sympathy they deserve.
Undeserved Sympathy: sympathy which should really be granted to the rich but is not due to shallow jealousy

I'm sorry we'll be in Aspen this week. Why don't you call your friends and ask them to come over.

Translation: I'm sorry we have the money to continue our search for entertainment instead of doing the job we're supposed to do in raising you. Why don't you look to others for your self esteem and nurturing.

We're going to the Reads Charity event, if you want something, Helda can make it for you.

Translation: Once again, we won't be home for nice dinners and family cooked meals, instead we'll leave you a kitchen full of food that has to be cooked and you can spend the evening listening to how much our staff doesn't like us.

I'll get you a job.

Translation: We weren't home or sober enough to make sure you learned the coping skills you'd need to survive in the world, so we'll call a friend and get you employment which will pay well but leave you souless because in your heart of hearts you'll know you don't deserve it.

I married a younger woman/man.

Translation: I didn't need respect from society because I have money, so I picked myself out a nice prostitute to be your stepmother.
by yachtclub101.blogspot.com September 28, 2010
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