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1-Round orb-like container used to trap/carry pokemon.

2-Asian testicles.

1-Hey...that Ash ass-clown can't make Pikachu get into a poke ball.

2-Hiro kept blasting his poke balls into my ass-carpet so hard I could hear a thud.
by xndrso November 06, 2007

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1)Fine ass lookin, luscious, sexy...tastey, nastee, so crunk almost illegal.

2)Black voluptuous lady, winner of the second season of vh1 hit reality show "The Flavor of Love". Famous for her ginormous bootay and ass clap dance.
1)MAAAAN HE DELISHIZ!! I wanna ride dat fine lookin hottie!

2)Dat delishiz sho got dat booty dance goin fo' her!
by xndrso November 08, 2007

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noun. Said of a fugly, fucked up looking person who is to cover their face permanently if possible.
Justin: Maybe you should ask her out!
Seantel: Ishu crazy??? She a platypuss!
Justin: I kno...bet she put out easy.

Sarah Silverman is such a platypuss!
by xndrso November 06, 2007

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