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when one gags up foam during the act of fellatio.
girl 1: so i'd been drinking alot of beer
girl 2: yeah...
girl 1: and then it was just so big
girl 2: yeah...
girl 1: that i regurgitated some beer foam while giving him head.

girl 2: oh, you gave him head²!
by xkrimeg July 22, 2009
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when a man stays in the sun while shirtless with pants or in a bathing suit and shirt, leaving only part of his body tanned and somewhat resembling that of a minotaur.
Susan: Bob, we're at the beach, take your shirt off.

Bob: I may have put on a few pounds recently, I'd rather keep my gut covered.

Susan: ok, but don't whine to me when you end up with a Minotan.
by XKriMeg November 02, 2009
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