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the act of squirting a small stream of saliva from somewhere under the tongue or in the cheek. could be from a black hole, no one knows. can happen on accident when yawning or can be done on purpose, mostly on people to bug them. can be called cobra yawn when done on accident. name comes from the sound that is sometimes made.
1. That Taylor chick would not stop gleeking on me in health class so I almost smacked her.

2. I gleeked on my worksheet and didn't notice until I tried to write on it and the paper tore.
by xXxNeVeRmOrExXx May 17, 2009
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similar to cybering, is when two or more people video chat, often on skype or msn, and masturbate and engage in dirty talk. Often done with people between the ages of 14-19 who are in a relationship over the internet. Common between to males, normally not out of the closet in the real world. Is a step above cyber sex, because you know the person is not a fake/pedo, and it is a lot more personal. Sometimes is modified into wierd games, such as the first to cum is the winner.
1. Anthony is such a whore, he's sexcammed with a least 16 guys, and only one of them was his cyber boyfriend
by xXxNeVeRmOrExXx September 04, 2009
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