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An extremely diverse rapper who prides himself on his very personal, concious, in-depth songs, while also branching into the world of club hits, and street bangers.

"So I do the club sh*t for the blind that can't see/
You do write some substance and sometimes they can't read/

Hailing from New Jersey (Born in New York, but soon moved too Jersey), Joe Budden created a major buzz on the mixtape scene, before finally being signed to Def Jam. Soon thereafter, he released his first album titled Joe Budden. Despite having only one single strongly promoted by his label, Budden managed to go gold on his first major release.

Despite having only one album, Budden has created a cult-like following through all of his mixtape releases in 2005/2006.
Pre-judged by many as a rapper who only makes club music, Budden has managed to build a whole new fanbase with his insightful, introspective releases, which can mainly be heard on "Mood Muzik" & "Mood Muzik 2".

Side Notes:
-Joe Budden's 2nd album, titled The Growth, is scheduled to drop in October of 2006, assuming no more delays occur. It is expected to have appearances from Fabolous, Metallica, and various R&B singers.
-Mood Muzik 3 is promised (by Joe, himself) to be released before The Growth
-Joe has had past beefs with multiple members of G-Unit, most notably Game (when he was with G-Unit), due to Game's misunderstanding of a Joe Budden Punchline
-Yo, that nigga Joe Budden is the most underrated rapper, ever.
-Yea, dude's be sayin, the only song he has is Pump It up....shows how much of followers they are.
by www.myspace.com/ideal1 May 27, 2006

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A hip-hop nickname for Los Angeles, that incorporates the flashy fashion.
stay witta mean wrist game, know the boss mastered this
pimpin in our blood, we reppin for Floss Angeles
by www.myspace.com/ideal1 August 20, 2006

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