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The act of deficating while on the clock at work. The extreme Nesselrodter will think nothing of entering the building in the morning, clocking in, and immediately hitting the bathroom. The longer you take the better as no Nesselrodt should last less than 30 minutes. A skilled Nesselrodter can expect to earn about 15% - 20% of his yearly pay while seated comfortably on the throne.
Man that food I ate for lunch didn't agree with me...I'll be taking a Nesselrodt if you need me.

I made $10,000 last year just Taking A Nesselrodt.
by wittle buddy squarepants January 12, 2010
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When you damage or destroy inventory or equipment at your workplace due to boredom, aggrevation, poor morale, or just because you want to break something. It can even be turned into a game where you see who can rack up the highest dollar amount of things destroyed. It can be especially satisifing when you cause damage to the building that the boss has to look at every day.
I'm pigging this ground fault tester and I don't care if the boss finds out.

I love hitting the beam in the warehouse when I'm pigging cause you can hear the crash in the whole building.
by wittle buddy squarepants December 02, 2009
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When low and middle level managers and supervisiors stand around and brag up various achevements and decisions that to any rational outside observer appear highly overrated at best and approaching fiascos at worst.
Geez Dennis and Jim have stood around all day penis sharpening about what they did during the blizzard.
by wittle buddy squarepants February 18, 2010
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A drunken, illiterate, redneck, dumbass, thevin, wifelovers.com lookin, computer abusing, foreign hating, racist, homophobic, timberville virginia living, rumor loving, spongebob squarepants ice cream eating, little buddy. The epitomy of the lowest of the low.
Did you read what mookcollins wrote on twitter? If the Russians ever nuke America it will be because of mookcollins.
by wittle buddy squarepants November 30, 2009
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