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a cheap picture taken in a studio somewhere in the south of france, liebe grube is a mysterious woman that sends post-cards to people claiming to be their "little cousin sarah." once, when liebe grube's photo was scanned into a duel printer-scanner-fax machine, she continued making copies of herself until the machine was unhooked and rebooted.

local myth attributes the curse of liebe grube to the murder of a young girl by her rabies ridden cat named hazel.
susie could not go to sleep because the myth of liebe grube her mommy told her made her worry about wetting the bed.
by witn June 23, 2006
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arising in seattle, wa during early june 2006, the allegorical nature of "mr. bojangles," star of many 1930s shirley temple films as well as subject for a protest song from the 1960s, alludes to the subconscious desire even the most free man has to give his pride away in order to dance a little bit.

to bojangle (v.): to dance about life with the same sadness and glib irony as bojangles himself did.
the allegory of bojangles was potent on the dance floor.
by witn June 23, 2006
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