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Similar to the phrase "Blowing smoke up my ass" but telling a person a lie to avoid telling the truth. This is especially done when caught in the wrong or other compromising positions.
"Jim caught his wife with another man at McDonalds; they were holding hands and everything!"
"Really, what happened?"
"Well she started trying to say the guy was just a friend"
"yep, I heard Jim kicked her ass to the curb, now she's staying with her 'friend' at his place."
"Man doesn't that beat all."
"Yes sir. I don't know how he's handling it so well... I would kill my wife if she was cheating on me, and then tried Blowing Air Up My Ass."
by wisemanoncesaid January 24, 2014
Non-sexual and Non-pornographic stories that involve purity and cuteness with same sex characters. While the characters may express their love for each other with kisses and hugs, the acts never become sexual and remain innocent. Stories of best friends who are close enough where they hug and kiss, but are not explicitly homosexual or in a romantic relationship can count as cherry.
Yaoi Fan girl 1: I read a really cute Naruto and Sasuke Cherry Fiction today. It really showed their innocence and friendship.

Yaoi fan girl 2: Oh yeah, well I read a hot and smexy Sasuke x Naruto Yaoi Lemon today that rocked. It really showed their primal attraction and love for each other.
by wisemanoncesaid May 6, 2012
A device which can act and/or function as a PDA, Tablet or other computer aided device.

This may include the ability to receive, view and send tweets and emails; browse and update facebook, set reminders and mark special events, as well as GPS navigation.

Some wearable tech may also feature a variety of tools for the more health conscious users. This typically consists of a pedometer to track and record how many steps the user has taken; tracking their calorie intake and how many calories they are burning and measuring their pulse and heart rate during the course of the day.

Some examples of wearable tech includes Google Glass; the Pebble; Samsung's Galaxy Gear and Razer's Nabu Smart Band
Phil: You hear about Ted getting on the "Wearable Tech" bandwagon?
Mike: Yeah, I saw him showing off his new Pebble.
Phil: I personally got better things to do with my money. I'm not going pay to be some faceless corporation's sales ad guinea pig.
Mike: You said it.
by wisemanoncesaid February 4, 2014
Having sex with livestock during a barn dance or similar country gathering or celebration. Typically done under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The act must be witnessed by fellow party goers, who may cheer on the offender due to also being under the influence.
Gerald: Hey, Bill, where did Mitch go during last night's barndance?
Bill: Oh he done got shitfaced on moonshine and commited a West Virginian Party Foul
Gerald: A wha?
Bill: Dumbass fucked a sheep in front of everyone, and the damndest thing about it, the sheep had panties on.
Gerald: Sumbitch fucked my Gloria!?
by wisemanoncesaid August 8, 2018