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to put in one's place; to express sharp, stern disapproval of
Nate has not been performing at his work center, so I motherfucked him and he is now hard at work.

I caught Duane in a lie today, so I motherfucked him in front of Rick.
by wildjem November 11, 2009

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when someone you try to avoid at work catches you at your desk when you are not paying attention, thereby holding you there against your will while they spout their meaningless opinions about work goings-on

this can also occur in hallways/stairways/others' offices

this person does not necessarily have to be a coworker, work rapists may include: salespeople, delivery people, children of the owner
Valerie: "Where's Mike?"

Janet: "Oh, poor guy, Herbie is in today - caught Mike at his desk and is work raping him about some new scheme he has."

Valerie: "HR really needs to do something about our frequent work rape situations!"
by wildjem December 14, 2009

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