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The act of sending pictures of boobies, naked or clothed, to a birthday boy or girl.

This is a relatively new tradition, and in practice, it is more often men sending men pictures of their own chest, or men convincing random girls to send pictures of their cleavage to their friend on his birthday. However, the act was originally conceived to span an influx of casual acquaintances of the opposite sex to send you risque pictures.
Example 1:
Man your phone has been blowing up all day. I hope at least some of them are Birthday Boobies pics.

Well, I did get these from your sister...

Example 2:
How did you get pictures of Lisa's tits!

Birthday Boobies!

Example 3:
Andy really came through at the bar last night. He must have had over 40 girls send me birthday boobies. At least a dozen of them showed nipple.
by wijim November 11, 2011
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Losing to an opponent because of his good luck.
You're playing a game with reasonable amounts of luck, such as backgammon, and you have executed wonderful strategy, and are poised to win. Your opponent then proceeds to roll double after double to pull the win out from his ass.

You have just been "McCluskeyed"
by wijim April 14, 2011
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Fishing for catfish using only your bare arm. Also commonly referred to as noodling.
That's a monster fish, how did you catch him? Hook and Line?

No, I did it by catfisting him.
by wijim June 13, 2012
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