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The forcing out of flatulence in the hopes of either encouraging a bowel movement or creating a loud noise to impress your friends. Hard farts can be very dangerous in that they can be followed by moderate to severe pain that can either be temporary or more chronic as in the case of hemorrhoids. They can also result in the soiling of oneself and creating and embarrassing situation
"Johnny pushed a loud hard fart out. Everyone laughed. Johnny abruptly left the party, never to return"
by whoins February 14, 2009

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A "flatulence burn" is the result of extremely hot gas emitted from the sphincter, which causes minor to extreme irritation in the area around the anus. In extreme cases, blistering can occur around the anus and when gas is emitted, encapsulated by an undergarment, blistering may occur in areas well beyond the anal region (including but not limited to ones private parts). A "flatulence burn" is often accompanied by the splatter of liquid or solid feces in the vicinity of the gas when emitted.
Johnny had stomach cramps all morning after eating hot peppers for breakfast. While walking to class, he passed gas and immediately dropped to the floor. After being brought to the nurses office and hearing that he may have a "Flatulence Burn", Johnny asked to go to the bathroom. He could not sit on the toilet and had to throw his underwear away.
by whoins November 16, 2010

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A "brown bag" is a term used to describe a bowel movement into ones undergarments. Typically it results from the overwhelming, albeit mistaken urge to pass gas. This is fairly common in young children and the elderly. The term "brown bagging it" is often used to describe bringing ones lunch to school or work. While considered related in that one can result in the other, the two terms have entirely different meanings and consequences.
Johnny rushed to catch the bus for school. His mother yelled "Johnny, you forgot your lunch". Johnny's friend Timmy sat next to him on the bus and said " so you are brown bagging it today". Johnny did not respond as the bus continued on its journey to school. As the bus pulled up to the school to drop the children off, Timmy and the rest of the children stood up to leave. Johnny sat motionless in his seat. Timmy said "come on Johnny". Johnny broke into tears and Timmy could smell the odor of feces. The bus driver approached and asked if Johnny was ok. Johnny responded "no", and said in between sobs, "I have a brown bag".
by whoins November 17, 2010

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