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Trailor-park snobbery
In the height of hooch couture, Jeb and his buddies sampled the moonshine, extolling its feral bouquet and aftertaste reminiscent of cherry cough-syrup.
by whatsamatta_u July 16, 2010

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Short for 'I f*cking Knew It'. Best used with lots of exclamation points. Useful for Twitter.
"Gulf oil spill: Moratorium judge owned shares in 17 oil & gas cos.." // IFKI!!
by whatsamatta_u June 25, 2010

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What you feel when the GOP has just screwed you again
The John Boehner "led" GOP gopsmacked the middle class today by blocking the bill that prevents the Payroll Tax from rising after January 1st, adding an estimate $1,000 annual tax burden to 160 Million Americans, many of them Republicans, after proclaiming ad nauseum "reducing Taxes for the Wealthy" for 2 years.
by whatsamatta_u December 20, 2011

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