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A town in Northern Westchester County, NY. This place is probably the worst area in the ENTIRE United States to call home...even worse than Alabama where there are probably like inbred cannibal attacks daily. The place is about 99.9% jewish and its because of this that a law should be implemented in the near future restricting too many jews to live in the same community. The high school (Horace Greeley) is a cesspit of fake ass kids whos cars sitting in the senior lot combined probably cost more than the construction of the whole school put together, if not more. When kids go off to college, if there like me, make WAY better friends at school, and then when they are forced to come home for breaks basically use whichever "friends" they had from high school so that they don't die of utter boredom. Every botox and plastic surgery ridden slut mom in this town uses their kids as accessories and couldn't give a flying fuck if they went off and got shitfaced drunk and went and got mowed down by a car or bus...they'd just go to their husbands (or affairs, which is JUST as likely) and make another child toy to accompany their designer bags. If a hydrogen bomb were to be dropped on this dump of a town today, the ENTIRE WORLD would benefit.
no "example" could possibly relate to Chappaqua. Even having chronic diarrhea, anal fissures, cancer and AIDS is not as bad as living here!
by whatismylife7 June 13, 2011

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