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Westchester County -it is seperated - North and South. North shouldnt be apart of it. How ever some southern parts of Westchester are not liked... but the very south isn't bad. Scarsdale should pretty much be taken out, forever. Withought second thought.
Its northern westchester... woww, and Scarsdale and Eastchester and Harrison wowwww
by Rics October 15, 2005
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There are the Jewish/Italian towns of Armonk, Chappaqua, Pleasantville, Thornwood, Golden's Bridge, Katonah, South Salem, and Somers which get virtually no crime, it has some nice houses, but most houses are average size at about 2500-3500 square feet. This is normal for me because I live in this section of the county and most of the houses around my area have an acre of land and a house of 2500-3000 square feet with plenty of room between houses and no crime.

The second group of Northern Westchester is the farming communities of Bedford, Shrub Oak, Pound Ridge, Purdys, and North Salem. Most of the houses here are bigger and even further apart then the communities listed above. House size averages 3,000-4,000 square feet with occasionally bigger houses and about 2 acres of land with some houses more and some less. There is no crime at all here, the downtown of each city are very small and nice, and almost everyone here is white and mainly Italian.

Finally, the most racially diverse area and the most city-feel like area of Northern Westchester is Peekskill, Yorktown Heights, and Mount Kisco. Peekskill actually has its fair share of crime in some areas and is home to the most Black people in Northern Westchester. Mount Kisco is home to the largest Mexican population in all of Westchester County. Yorktown Heights is still mainly white, but instead of the city being 95% white it is 75% white with the other percentage Hispanic and Black. These cities have great shopping.
Friend: Where do you live?

Me: Northern Westchester

Friend: Oh, you must have a lot of money

Me: - ___ -
by hellllloooooo April 07, 2012
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