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1. Pertaining to the distinct curvature, shape and appearance of the female posterior, amplified by the wearing of leggings or tights. (More commonly referred to women who actually have attractive rear ends.)

2. The butt that is created by the wear of tights or leggings on females. Attractiveness of the region is dependent upon the style, use and condition of clothing worn.
Leroy: Damn! You see her ass in those leggings?
Jake: Yeah, she got that *tight-butt.

Kim: Should I wear tights or stockings with this outfit?
Laura: Tights, duh! You've got the booty for tight-butt!
by whackattack10 March 10, 2011
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The contorting of the face in a gremlin like fashion; usually noted with squinting and/or closing of the eyes, widely opening the mouth, and sticking out one's tongue as far as possible with the intention of engaging in pseudo-sexual behaviours and/or exercising such desires. Drooling saliva from the mouth is optional. Gremlins are known for participating in such behaviour when excited, having a good time or about to pounce on an unsuspecting victim.
Check out Brian gremming over there! He must be thrilled he finally got that chick’s number!

Those girls couldn’t stop gremming as we took pictures of the male strippers giving them lap dances at Jenna’s birthday party.

Amanda revealed herself as a gremlin when someone tried to take a picture of her and she opened her grem-latch and stuck her tongue wide out in excitement.
by whackattack10 May 06, 2010
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