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A count of soldier casualties after a battle, sometimes used for civilians after a large disater.
"The fighting has ended for the night, what is the Butcher's Bill?"
"18 dead including 4 medics and another 45 wounded."
by wereooze September 22, 2007
A stage magician or illusionist who specializes in card tricks.
The master cardsharp was able to make the random card change color, value, and suite before the bewildered audience.
by wereooze September 22, 2007
A temporary psychotic state of mindless agression. Named for "Dirty" Dutch Coldrell who killed 19 men (including his friend "Cool Hand" McCabe) and wounded 79 others during a 27 hour berserk rage during the Great Outdoor Fight of 1877.

In an interview afterward, Coldrell described his Fugue as, "standin' outside your own body, watchin'. You know you should care... should be down there, but it all seems so terrible... it all seems so wrong... that all you can do is watch from afar while your body takes care a'business. Part of me was horrified that I couldn't seem to control myself. But part a'me wishes I'd never come back, neither."

(pronounciation is identical to the musical term of the same spelling. or 'fju-g')
Bobby went into a Dutch Fugue during his 'Airing Of Grievences' at his family's Festivus dinner and killed both of his parents and three siblings before county Sheriffs were able to neutralize him.
by wereooze September 22, 2007