4 definitions by water_lilly

A man who is good at cooking, and sex
Girl: yo this man can cook and fuck his husband material!
by water_lilly February 24, 2020
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this is sometimes misread by “what the fuck” but really means “well THAT’S fantastic!” or “well that’s FANTASTIC” in two ways good or bad. plz use with caution
boy:I got an A+ in math
mom: wtf
boy: Is that a bad grade
mom: no it means “ well that’s fantastic
by water_lilly July 12, 2019
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bellas are two faced people they first sound sweet and incredible and good but once you get to know bella she will back stab you hard but not bellas are mean some are great people
bella is a bitch
by water_lilly July 10, 2019
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it is used for a conversation starter there is also two other hip way to say hi to : hey, yo. if someone is into you they will add an extra i “hii
by water_lilly July 12, 2019
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