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A sneeze breeze is the gust of air that comes from the mouth/nose of a person who is sneezing nearby. It is especially offensive if it is felt by a person standing nearby the sneezer.
I was sitting in front of Evan in class when all of a sudden I heard him sneeze and, to top it off, felt his sneeze breeze on the back of my neck.
by walkthewire December 04, 2009
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A term used to refer to the fact that a female is currently menstruating.
example 1:

person a: "Hey, do you wanna go shopping later?"
person b: "Ugh, I wish I could... the bitch is back. I have a date with my heating pad."

example 2:
male person a: "So are we gonna have sex tonight?"
female person b: "The bitch is back. What do you think?"
male person a: "...beej?"
by walkthewire January 24, 2010
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