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In reference to the novel character who relentlessly pursued the white whale, which is a metaphor for the unattainable or for what the searcher believes to be perfect. So playing ahab is searching for a specific elusive something among a vast group of the like.
Forget her, I'm living in the ocean and I refuse to play ahab.
by wagnebw October 18, 2005

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The son of Asneeze, played by actor and musician Isaac Hayes, from the movie Robinhood: Men in Tights. The character Achoo was played by legendary actor and comedian Dave Chappelle.
Aye Blinkin. -Achoo
Did you say Abe Lincoln? -Blinkin
No, i said aye Blinkin. -Achoo
by wagnebw September 30, 2005

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in reference to something that is childish or immature.
I was tired of her mickey mouse club games, so i dumped her.

Grow up, this isnt mickey mouse club.
by wagnebw October 18, 2005

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