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It is literally a rubber band hanging on the doorknob, used to warn a roommate(usually in college dorms) that the other is currently having sex in that room.
If your ever having sex and you dont want your roommate to come in by accedent then just put a rubberband on the doorknob.
by voodoom August 20, 2006
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to stimulate the clitoris with the hand
a man needs to just go and cup the puss, that'll get her going
by voodoom August 10, 2006
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very planned out formalized sex
she wanted to plan out every little detail, it was complete accountant sex my friend, accountant sex
by voodoom August 23, 2006
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When you're about to have sex, and you cop out at the last minute, thus giving the pants back to your parnter.
How'd the date go last night?

Givin' the pants back, man... givin' the pants back.
by voodoom December 03, 2006
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