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there are many ways to go about anal. there's:

hittin the shit
tappin the crap
poundin the brown
tool in the stool
humpin the rump
nudgin the fudge
fun in the buns
loosen the caboose
willy in her nilly
goo in the poo
what what in the butt
grindin the behind
floodin the mud
cock in the sock
fruity in the booty
nailin the tail
horn in the corn
rocket in the chocolate
cum in the bum
skeet in her seat
soup in the poop
blastin her ass
spank her with your wanker
pole in the hole
gush in the tush
gung ho in the bunghole
gunk in the trunk
peek in the cheeks
reckin the rectum
pattin the scat
spewage in her sewage
herdin her turds
dong in the wrong
spurt in the hurt
mining the hiney
fuckin the muck
snu-snu in the poo-poo
bumpin the dump
sink in the stink
cack in the crack
hung in her dung
tryin the pipes
screwin the doo
peer in the rear
partin a fart
shapin the gape
heinous with her anus
the joy of anal
by vinny tests the birdie December 19, 2009

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word used to describe a male ballerina. not hard to spot.
mommy, why does the ballserina always dance with grapes in his pocket?
by vinny tests the birdie December 06, 2009

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an expression used to describe when you woke up crying and pissing everywhere
i slept like a baby last night
by vinny tests the birdie January 03, 2010

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