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Bitchwork is work that is menial or tedious or busy work.
What do you do at your new job? Well I file, and organize the place, bitchwork mostly.
by Alex Langford October 03, 2005
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Commonly used to describe work that is given to lower level employees to keep them occupied for hours at a time, usually assigned by managers or higher level employees who are either too fat or lazy to complete the task at hand themselves. This type of work is mostly found in restaurants and retail stores.
McGee was too busy sitting on his fat ass talking on his cell phone, so he decided to hand his bitch work over to one of the cashiers who was busy helping a long line of pissed off customers.
by Anonymous Employee March 30, 2006
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Your boss' boss tells him to do something, so of course he tells one of his bitch boys to do it.
You wont know its bitch work because your boss wont own up to it.
by on October 12, 2020
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