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Ugly, overpriced footwear that take $10 to make in buttfuck nowhere, SE Asia and typically go for $150 to $180 in the US. Owners are typically braindead ghettomonkies and mouthbreathing skaters who are still obsessed with Micheal Jordan despite the fact that he retired over a decade ago.

They have become something of a poor man's status symbol as the only people who buy them are people who can't afford them.

Whenever new models come out, go to the nearest mall. I swear it looks like the Rodney King riots.
Tyrone is charged with 1st degree murder for beating someone to death for taking the last pair of new Air Jordans.
by vT3x January 17, 2012

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A neurological disorder that only 5-7% of the people diagnosed actually have. Most people who claim to have this disorder are just socially awkward teenagers who have parents with little willpower who didn't force them to socialize when they were young and let them play N64 all day.

Like ADHD in the 90's and the early 00's, Asperger's Syndrome has become the chic diagnosis of today that parents accept so that they don't have to face the fact that they failed as parents.

Doctors and Psychiatrists also refuse to speak up because they typically receive kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing their products, making the probability of over diagnosis high.

Some annoying qualities of Aspies include:

- Bragging about having a mild form of autism

- Pretending that Autism automatically means "genius" and that they should be allowed to play xbox all day without any responsibility because they could do great things, but choose not to

- Sitting in the back of class writing Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction and mumbling about "conformists"

- Thinking creativity means regurgitating things they see on TV verbatim

- Writing walls of text about how every mathematician, astronomer, artist, musician and world leader in human history had Asperger's
Aspies are supposed to be so much smarter and more creative than us mere mortals, yet they all copy-paste the same wikipedia definition of Asperger's Syndrome on Urban Dictionary without looking to see if anyone else has done it yet.
by vT3x January 12, 2012

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