somewhere far away from everything
"Dude, don't just leave me in the middle of buttfuck nowhere!"
by Jake Umbiquito May 24, 2003
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A place where the Amish live.
"why the hell are we surrounded by the sh in buttfuck nowhere?"
by Demented Dust Bunny August 5, 2003
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To be in the middle of Buttfuck nowhere.
Hillbilly country.

To be on an isolated place in the middle of nowhere.
Well done Terry, now the car's smashed up and we're IN THE MIDDLE OF BUTTFUCK NOWHERE, all because you had to hotbox THE FUCKING CAR WHILE DRIVING... WITH THE WINDOWS UP! FUCK YOU TERRY. FUCK YOU.

Just like that Hillbilly's over there's going to do.
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Where you are when you're lost, but you've found a town.
"A date? A DATE!? How do you expect me to get a date? We're in the buttfuck middle of nowhere!"
by Bendio October 24, 2008
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