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Not to be confused with roommate, a shroommate is one who you share your shrooms and trip balls with. Often times college students are in fact shroommates with their roommate.
Student: You study for the exam today Jeff?
Jeff: Nah man I just did shrooms with my shroommate, we were gonna get some munchies at the vending machine but a pregnant latina unicorn was there so we bailed.
by uzi does it April 09, 2010

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A version of triganometry made for black people which is extremely easy. It usually covers things like naming types of triangles or drawing them, and if the class is advanced, measuring them.
Shequan: Dude, in nigonometry class today we learned how to draw right triangles!
Jamal: Wow man that's crazy, I heard nig is super hard.
by uzi does it April 01, 2010

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An iPod which a nigga has stolen and colored black, put all nigga music on it (r&b, hip-hop, rap, etc.) and was probably stolen 5 or 6 times.
What kind of iPod does Darrell have?
It's an 8 nig iPod, all it has is black people music like Bob Marley and Weezy.
I didn't think he could afford one!
Me neither. I think he stole it from Tom but I can't tell because he Sharpied it black.
by uzi does it April 01, 2010

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A poor person's wardrobe which usually consists of one shirt, pair of pants, and socks, causing them to wear the same thing every day. If they do get something "new", it's a hand-me-down, they got it from salvation army, or stole it.
Peter updated his poordrobe by stealing a Pac Sun shirt but forgot to take the tags off because he's never had a new shirt before.
by uzi does it April 01, 2010

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