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A violent act to be carried out for religious and/or political reasons. The government usually uses terrorism to cause fear of the populace to take away civil liberties even create false terror or even fund certain radical terrorist factions to instigate terror attacks to create a panic atmosphere. Also the terrorism label gets applied to those that don't always agree with the policies of the government.
Fear creates more fear and causes people to agree to almost anything even policies declared immoral. Fear is the tool that radicals use to take over countries even violate the Constitution. The whole point of terrorism is to instigate fear and terror in the heart of the citizenry.
by uswgo September 16, 2011

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9/11 truth is a form of activism and disagreement with the official story coming from the 9/11 commission created in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Many believed with experts testifying that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center can handle planes hitting the buildings, some demolition experts believed that the building was imploded by explosives, that the World Trade Center changed their insurance to cover planes hitting the buildings, and many other factors that the activists believe that the terrorist attacks were actually an inside job by the Government to bring the people into fear to take their rights away. Many organizations and activists have become 9/11 truthers including Alex Jones of Infowars, 9/11 truth movement, and 9/11 truth movement activists that goto New York City to give people different viewpoints about the terrorist attacks. They are usually mocked by some people for their viewpoints.
9/11 truth always uses non-mainstream forms of media to promote their views and facts that led to their viewpoints such as forums and websites, documentaries, social networking sites, and other mediums to promote that the 9/11 commission needs to be investigated for the possible coverup of what really happened during the September 11th terrorist attacks.
by uswgo September 18, 2011

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Operation Northwoods was a plan back in 1962 by the DOD that was to attack a U.S. Naval ship and various other American military and civilian targets then blame it on Cuban military then use it as a pretext to invade Cuba in combat. This was the pretext that some of the 9/11 truth activists believed that lead to the September 11th terrorist attacks. Operation Northwoods was the first known false flag enemy attack operation to where attacks would be conducted on American soil then the government would declare the enemy to be Cuba which never attacked America but would be framed as the sole attackers leading to war being approved by the U.S. Congress.
According to Operation Northwoods official declassified documents, some of the operational plans were to conduct real or simulated attacks against various American military and civilian targets then Cuba Communist terror campaigns would begin to get the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate to support a plan to attack Cuba to oust the communist leader Fidel Castro.
by uswgo September 18, 2011

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