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This text is being read aloud is the audio check for R.I.S.E. testing. People will usually change the pitch and the speed of "This text is being read aloud" in an attempt to humor themselves before the fucking test. If you looked this up, you're probably either starting R.I.S.E soon and want to entertain yourself before, or you just ended it and don't know what the hell to do right now.
Janet: I just finished the R.I.S.E. test and I have no idea what to do so I'll just look up This Text Is Being Read Aloud on Urban Dictionary
Sam: Ur stupid
by urmom.com72 May 3, 2022
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the best time ever! when a Rachel is your new best friend and you just can't contain your happiness
Person 1: is that Rachel?
Person 2: yes its Rachel Time
by urmom.com72 March 22, 2022
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a person who is pissed off easily and has serious anger issues
Person 1: ugh Sam literally yelled at me for something his girlfriend did...
Person 2: Then he's a Coop
by urmom.com72 March 10, 2022
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wow its like no one knows what 72 is. Its 69 with 3 people watching
Person 1: hey we have five people here!
Person 2: Know what that means?
Person 1: Hell yeah its time for 72
by urmom.com72 March 22, 2022
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